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Our Programs Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally

Our online tools and coaching programs teach people with diabetes how to get their best A1c, achieve their ideal body weight, and lower their cholesterol in as little as 3 months.

About our Affiliate Program

Mastering Diabetes is an online education platform and coaching program that is designed to help people with all forms of diabetes reverse the underlying cause of blood glucose variability (insulin resistance) using food as medicine. 

At Mastering Diabetes we are on a mission to reverse insulin resistance in 1 million people. This summit provides all the nuanced details to help people understand the true causes of insulin resistance and how to take control of diabetes. 

Becoming an affiliate for Mastering Diabetes gives your audience access to valuable and life-saving free information that can truly change the course of their health. Our programs are offered at no cost for initial viewing, and if registrants want to purchase their copy of the material they can do so for a fee. 

These opportunities not only fund our work, they also generate revenue for you as an affiliate. Simply spread the word about our work using your unique tracking link (which will be given to you when you sign up as an affiliate), and you will earn commissions on digital and physical products purchased from the members of your audience.

Who Benefits from our Content?

Even though our content is directed mainly towards people living with any form of diabetes, our content actually benefits people of all walks of life, including those who are at risk for diabetes. The complete list of those who benefit is here:

  • People living with insulin-dependent autoimmune diabetes (type 1 and type 1.5)
  • People living with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes
  • People living with gestational diabetes during pregnancy
  • People at risk for the development of diabetes (prediabetes)
  • People who are interested in reducing their need for oral medication and insulin
  • People with cardiovascular disease (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease)
  • People who want to learn more about the benefits of a plant-based diet
  • People who are seeking trustworthy information about nutrition, fitness, and intermittent fasting
  • People who want to increase their longevity and quality of life

What Can You Earn as an Affiliate?

  • We reward you for being the first referrer, so post early and post often to drive the most referrals and sales
  • We offer commissions for 6 months on any purchase your leads make in the future
  • We offer 50% commissions on digital products and 40% on physical products
  • We offer 50% commissions on other digital information products
  • We offer 10% 2nd tier commissions on both digital and physical product


The Mastering Diabetes 2020 Evergreen Online Summit


Every year, Mastering Diabetes hosts the Mastering Diabetes Online Summit, an online conference including interviews with researchers, bestselling authors, and nutrition experts that focuses on reversing insulin resistance using whole-food, plant-based nutrition. The purpose of the online summit is to educate healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes about almost 100 years of scientific evidence in support of a plant-based, whole-food diet to improve blood glucose control and minimize long-term chronic disease risk. 

The summit includes an incredible lineup of world experts in diabetes nutrition including Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. Michelle McMacken, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Matthew Lederman, Anthony William, Ocean Robbins, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, and Brenda Davis (to name a few).

In the first 4 years, more than 101,000 people have registered for the summit, making it the largest and most well-respected online diabetes event of the year.

The 2020 Mastering Diabetes Online Summit is designed to help your audience:

  • Understand the Truth About Low-Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Diets
  • Understand How to Master Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, and Food Addiction
  • Understand Essential Fatty Acids and Heart Health
  • Improve Daily Habits Proven to Reverse Chronic Disease
  • Understand the Truth About Gut Health and Autoimmunity
  • Connect the Dots Between Hormones, Emotions, and Weight Loss
  • How to Ensure Your Success in the Long-Term

Overview of the 2020 Evergreen Online Summit

In the evergreen summit, registrants will receive a total of 12 days of video content, and will be able to purchase a digital, physical, or digital + physical All-Access Pass, including all of the recordings of the 2020 online summit.


The Mastering Diabetes Do-It-Yourself Program

Reverse Insulin Resistance Permanently

An online program specifically designed to reverse insulin resistance using 100% natural methods

We’ve created an online program that teaches the Mastering Diabetes Method and works like wildfire to reverse insulin resistance and minimize your risk for chronic disease.

You’ll get access to a custom-built online course that has helped more than 3,000 people around the world achieve the best health they've had in years.

You’ll get access to more than 25 recipes as well as step-by-step instructions on what to eat, when to eat, and why to eat certain foods that will maximize your insulin sensitivity.

This program has already changed the lives of thousands of people around the world, and for the first time ever you have the opportunity to apply the Mastering Diabetes Method at your own pace, on your own terms, and in your schedule.

Doctors are Ecstatic

Anthony Lim

Cyrus and Robby head up an outstanding team that consistently helps individuals to reverse diabetes and come off all their diabetic medications by teaching them how to eat a whole-food plant-based diet.  Their knowledge base is vast, their ability to communicate key concepts is unparalleled, and their care and compassion for those they serve runs deep.

Anthony Lim, MD

Medical Director, The McDougall Program


When I need to update my knowledge on the origins and cutting edge therapies of all types of diabetes I turn to Cyrus and Robby at Mastering Diabetes. I send my patients there for the best care and the best results using science and natural approaches. Join them ASAP before they are too busy to help all that need their care.

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Author, The Plant Based Solution


The Mastering Diabetes program is a phenomenal resource for patients with all forms of diabetes, enabling patients to profoundly improve their health. If the Mastering Diabetes approach was applied to patients with diabetes worldwide, I believe we would see an epidemic of wellness.

Robert Ostfeld, MD, MSc, FACC

Preventative Cardiology


Mastering Diabetes has become one of the first resources I recommend to my patients. I recommend the Mastering Diabetes coaching program to every single one of my cardiology patients as well as my cardiology and internal medicine colleagues. 

Danielle Belardo, MD

The Veggie MD

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