The Mastering Diabetes 2020 Evergreen Online Summit


Every year, Mastering Diabetes hosts the Mastering Diabetes Online Summit, an online conference including interviews with researchers, bestselling authors, and nutrition experts that focuses on reversing insulin resistance using whole-food, plant-based nutrition. The purpose of the online summit is to educate healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes about almost 100 years of scientific evidence in support of a plant-based, whole-food diet to improve blood glucose control and minimize long-term chronic disease risk. 

The 2019 Mastering Diabetes Online Summit is designed to help your audience:

  • Understand the Truth About Low-Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Diets
  • Understand How to Master Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, and Food Addiction
  • Understand Essential Fatty Acids and Heart Health
  • Improve Daily Habits Proven to Reverse Chronic Disease
  • Understand the Truth About Gut Health and Autoimmunity
  • Connect the Dots Between Hormones, Emotions, and Weight Loss
  • How to Ensure Your Success in the Long-Term

Overview of the 2020 Evergreen Online Summit

In the evergreen summit, registrants will receive a total of 12 days of video content, and will be able to purchase a digital, physical, or digital + physical All-Access Pass, including all of the recordings of the 2020 online summit.

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